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• VAT Implementation & Transitional Support
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• VAT and Indirect Taxes
• Business Impact Analysis
• Transaction Advisory
• Tax Dispute Resolution

• Economic Substance Regulations (ESR)
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• Company Liquidation Services

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• Trademark Registration (TM) & Acquisition
• Risk Assurance and Risk Management
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• Company Formation & Secretarial Services

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• Financial Reporting Solutions
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Our team supports companies with regards to various legal matters, ranging from labour disputes, charges of fraud and embezzlement to bankruptcy and insolvency procedures. As part of our offerings, we provide independent accounting, liquidation, and financial reports, as well as consultancy services concerning the legal paperwork and court meetings.

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Our dedicated team of business consultants will meet with key members of your senior management to work on a creative action plan addressing the status quo of the organization while envisioning its future state. Our workshops are designed to encourage senior staff members to becoming more creative and proactive concerning the demands of local, regional, and global markets.

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At IAS, we work with well-established accounting and busineass software solutions that enable us to drive efficiency and effectiveness. To expand our service offerings, we have teamed up with Zoho and Enterpryze, two global players in the field of web- and cloud based applications:
• Zoho
• Enterpryze

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