Financial consultancy Services

Financial consultancy Services

IAS Financial consulting services is centered about developing financial strategies that help our clients manage their financial affairs and meet their goals while keeping the bigger picture in mind. Working with IAS financial consultants can give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with the right financial advice. Our team provides an array of advisory solutions that are backed with practical help for managing the unique challenges of every business.

Cost Control

Most business struggle with keeping costs in check and this can be extremely detrimental to any business regardless of their size, industry or the market they operate in. IAS takes a very hands-on approach in ensuring that spends are optimized to the max and that there are no leakages – IAS does this by reviewing each and every aspect of the business and benchmarking it against previous projects and market knowledge. IAS works closely with clients and provides complete cost reporting at every state of the process.

  • Robust cost plans which provide a working framework for cost checking and reduction
  • Process improvements on a regular basis
  • Review and improvement of risk management processes and contingency management
  • Focus on full lifecycle costs to reflect the true value of each cost center


IAS specializes in accurate budget preparation that show thoughtful and careful understanding of the scope of the project. Budgets prepared by IAS consistently estimate costs correctly and are prepared with investors, sponsors and other stakeholders in mind. These budgets are also a great way for management to track keep account of expenses during the project lifecycle.

IAS also provides advice on procedures and processes that clients must have in place in order to effectively manage budgets. These systems and processes are absolutely essential for the effective use of resources and sound decision making.

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